The silent years

After the devastating news of my first manuscript being completely and rudely rejected with that one word – Liable, I gave up the notion of ever writing a book. “It was a dumb idea in the first place” was my thought as the thick manuscript hit the bottom of the trash can with a loud thud!

I went on with my life and on occasion I would write a little something but it was more for myself in a journal I kept. My husband and I traveled. We’d fly off to Fort Lauderdale, Florida just to go swimming in the Olympic pool where Olympic swimmers and divers would train, buzz off to London, or swim in the blue waters of Acapulco. When we weren’t traveling someplace we’d go to Stone Mountain and ride bicycles or just go somewhere close by. I’m now a retired flight attendant so we were blessed to be able to fly free. And that we definitely did!

Things changed in our lives the day my husband was diagnosed with a rare form of Leukemia. For the next five years we spent most of our time in the hospital and all trips, vacations, and flying the friendly skies came to a screeching halt and then he was gone.

They say there are milestones in our lives and that was one for me. Two weeks after my husband passed I gave my life to Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. My husband was a Christian so I know now we will be spending eternity together, but without my knowledge the Lord had great plans for me.

Two weeks after asking Him to be my Lord and Savior I was at a women’s retreat and to my total amazement the Lord told me I would be ministering to women and would write a book. There’s that book thing again.

No, I am not psychotic and hearing voices in my head. The Lord said we know His voice and I definitely do! But, I more or less rejected the idea of going through the pain of another manuscript in the bottom of the trash can. I didn’t press it and neither did the Lord. I just said, “Okay, whatever,” and let it go. And more years passed.

Stay tuned, there’s more to come.


A Newly Created Welcome

Welcome to my new blog site. I am so blessed that you have chosen to join me.

Having finally completed designing this new blog I have been writing articles about my corner of this big ole world that includes talking about writing; be it books, articles, or just jotting down your thoughts in a journal if that’s what is on my mind when I start typing. I also cover publishing and getting published, as well as a variety of other topics that include what a writers world might look like. (At least what mine looks like.)

I’m not speaking from inexperience because I do have eight published books and have used a few different publishers. Polite questions or comments are welcomed in the comment sections of the articles I post.

I hope what you read here is helpful, insightful, and may even make you laugh at times. Welcome to A Writers Corner.

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The First Try

The little engine said, “I can, I can, I can.”

That’s the kind of determination we need if we’re going to write a book. I hear people say, “Ohhh, I’ve always wanted to write a book.” Well, that is a very ambitious and honorable desire, but it isn’t always as easy as many think. Writing the story is the easy part, at least for me. Getting it published is yet another story. (stay tuned, it will be told)

No, I was not an English major in college, and in High School I liked writing essay’s but was a typical C student in English class. Thankfully there is spell check and indicators now when a sentence is a fragment or whatever.

When I started my first manuscript computer’s had not come on the scene yet, it was a typewriter and an old one at that. And no, I had not taken typing lessons in school either so the process of trying to write, other than with a ball point pen or pencil, was a long tedious job for me. Try the hunt and peck method for a while and you’ll understand.

I had really never considered writing a book. That was something far beyond what I thought was my capabilities but one day I decided to give it a whirl and sat down and started.

Months went by and my “book” became thicker and thicker. I was going to tell the world what a horrible childhood I had. I wrote, I cried, I laughed, and wrote some more. Pretty soon I had a stack of paper as thick as an old Encyclopedia Britannica. This is just too thick for a book, I thought, and started back at the first and cut out whole chapters, sentences and paragraphs until I thought it was a reasonable size and proudly put it in an envelope and shipped it off to a publisher I found in the phone book.

I waited and checked the mail box daily hoping for that prize – accepted.

A few weeks later when opening the mail box I find a large, thick. manila envelope addressed to me. Running into the house I rip it open and the first thing I see is a paper with one word hand written in large letters across it – LIABLE.

I didn’t have a clue what that meant and was devastated that my entire book manuscript was returned and that was the only explanation. I called the publisher and the man on the other end was less than kind or even courteous. “What does it mean, liable?” I asked. He, vary sarcastically replied, “It means its liable!” and slammed the phone down.

I gave up on writing then. The hard work I put into writing the hurtful, angry, tell-it-all memories went in the trash and I didn’t pick up a pen until many years later.