Get Up!

Did I say the writing was put aside? Not quite. About a year after I accepted Christ as my Savior He informed me that He wanted me to start a support group for women who had been sexually abused as children. What!? I had never been to a support group much less told anyone except the therapist that I was seeing about my abuse.

Sometimes I think the Lord just out right asks too much of us! He started sending me to various conferences that dealt with abuse and survivors and how to help them. I also didn’t realize these conferences was helping me. The “training” went on for about a year and then I was to start a group at my church.

What I didn’t realize at the time, since I was still a “baby Christian,” was that when He wants us to do something He goes ahead of us and supplies every single thing that we need. He told me exactly what to call the group, “The Angel Group,” and told me He would have a leader to lead it for me and I could be the co-leader – for a time. That didn’t last long. Soon I was leading the group and I have to admit I was also gaining insight and healing from some of my own issues.

Have you ever taught a Bible class, or taught a Sunday school class even for one Sunday? When we are put in a position of leadership we study the material harder, go deeper into its meaning, and in turn learn from what we are presenting to others.

The Lord is no dummy! He was slowly bringing about healing within me as well as twelve other women through the material I was presenting and discussing within the group. So what does this have to do with writing?

I call it “dropping a bomb on me.” The Lord woke me up out of a dead sleep one morning early and said, “Get up! I want you to do a magazine.” One would think someone had hit a pan with a wooden spoon next to my ear because I jumped straight up in the bed and hollered, “You what?”

That entire day we, the Lord and I, created a small magazine that I was to request testimonials, poems, prayer requests, praise reports, a book list, and a support group listing from around the state. And one of the first testimonies was to be mine! I didn’t even change out of my robe and nighty, that’s how the day went.

If you were standing at your table being very busy on a project and your husband showed up and was helping you and the two of you were laughing, working, chatting, and having a good time doing the project together, would that be so weird?

Well, the Lord said we are His bride and as a widow He is my Husband. And what I just described to you is how my relationship with my now Husband is. Did you note, its a relationship. He pointed out everything I was to do, what to write on each page, where to send them when I received the testimonies, poems, etc. It was very much like He was in that room, walking around the table, bending over my shoulder and pointing to where I was to put this, that, or the other. I’m serious and I am not some nut case!

This little magazine He named, “Angels by Grace,” and in no time it was being sent to various states across the U.S.A. to churches, to Doctors, to Psychiatrists. counselors, prisons, and individuals. People were being healed and saved. Some was able to testify for the very first time to the world, so to speak. That’s power!

His glory, not mine!

You don’t want to miss the next post.


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