Deep Breath

I’m jumping forward due to my having finished another manuscript and taking a deep breath after rereading it, rechecking every sentence, having had my friend proof read and edit what I may have missed, I have a printed copy and the entire finished manuscript on a disc, I sit down with my finger on the “submit” tab and take a deep breath.

I have preciously chosen the publisher after much prayer and paid the publishing fee. Oh yes, there is definitely a publishing fee to have our books come to life for the public to read. These fees vary with each publisher and according to what is in their contract will be the services rendered.

When I first chose, for the first book, I learned that there is such a thing as “self publishing.” Basically what that can mean is that you submit your manuscript, and depending on the publisher you’ve chosen, it can be what I call a “glorified print shop” that gives no, or little, editing help such as suggestions and thorough editing. Your manuscript is basically tossed on a machine and sent through for misspelled words. Whatever you have typed is what will be in the finished product. Others may go further and actually do sincere editing and rendering suggestions as to how to make a paragraph better or reword something to make it clearer for a reader.

It is important, very important, that you not only read, but understand the contract for they will not go beyond what is written in the contract and pay no money up front until you thoroughly understand it and sign it.

In researching publishers I also learned very quickly that many publishers, the big publishers that pay you to write a story, will not even glance or even accept your manuscript unless you have an agent representing you. Agents are hired, paid employee, if you want to call them your employee. They work for you to get book signings, appearances on possibly T.V. and to have your work presented to and accepted by the publisher. Keep in mind their pay is coming out of your royalty. What is “royalty?” That is what is left over from when your book is sold in a bookstore, The book stores %, the publishers %, and then what is sent to you.

I’ll go deeper into all of this later. But for right now ……….

I take a deep breath, ask the Lord, “Are we ready?” and click on the submit box. A couple of days later I receive an e-mail, “Congratulations, Your book is in production.”

“I AM – Devotional Style Short Stories” has started the first phase of production process.


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