For the past week I have noticed my next door neighbor has bought several new plants and they are lined up in the new flower bed where she plans to plant them. This morning I noticed she still hasn’t planted them and gardening being my favorite hobby, I call her and ask if she’d like me to plant them for her. She welcomes my call since she just hurt her foot and is wearing an orthopedic shoe and has no idea when she can do it. So I spent most of day playing in the dirt – her dirt.

Walking into my office, dirty clothes and all, I check my e-mail and holy cow, I see my publisher has sent me a long instruction sheet for the editing of the formatted copy of my new book, “I AM – Devotional Style Short Stories”. I groan when I should be jumping with glee.

I have two days to complete going through every word, every punctuation mark, every misspelled word, and misplaced words………….again! This is the formatted copy of the entire book as it will be printed and in book form and it is up to me to correct any mistakes that I may have missed or that the type setter may have made.

Noting the deadline I start right away. As stated earlier in a post I think I said I dread editing. But it is a must so I plop down in front of this machine and begin. This is different than just reading through and highlighting a mistake for them to correct. Oh no, the page number, paragraph number, and sentence number has to be recorded on a “correction sheet.” On the same sheet the mistake sentence must be copied in one column and the corrected sentence in the next column. It’s tedious and very time consuming.

Working several hours on it I’m pleased that I’ve only found about five mistakes that need correcting and decide to take a break. I’m almost half way through. I click on the “save” button and then go to my documents to make sure its there.

“Nooooooo” I yell at the top of my lungs. I don’t care if half the subdivision hears me! It isn’t there and I can’t find it anywhere plus the site it is on will not let me print out a copy or paste it to another site just in case this happens. It’s gone and tears flood my eyes. I have to start all over again!

Filling my “whirly” (jet tub) with hot swirling water I’m yelling at the Lord, “You gotta’ help me find it! It has to be there someplace! This is your book! Help me find it!” Needless to say I was not relaxing as the hot water swirled around me. I did manage to lean back and enjoy it for a moment and then scrubbed down and got out.

Racing back to the computer, “Lord you have to show me where it is! Pleeeeaaaase show me.”

Frantically clicking a few buttons I suddenly yell, “thank you Jesus” – there it is. Did I say what a “joy” editing is?






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