Without Realizing

Hopefully you haven’t gotten bored with my going on about the Angel’s by Grace by now. The point that I am getting to is that the Lord will use various things to prepare us for what He has in mind regardless of whether we are aware of what He’s doing or not.

As the testimonies came in for publication I was doing the editing; checking for misspelled words, pulling the testimony together so it flowed or made more sense to the reader. All with the author’s approval.

That is an important part of our writing. I see blogs all the time where the person has not gone back to reread what they wrote and there will be misspelled words throughout. Which makes no sense to me since we have spell check on these computers. I realize the article may have been written in haste but for me, that is no excuse. Yes, mistakes happen and we may miss one here or there but it behooves us to go through what we write and make any adjustments or corrections that are necessary. It’s unfair to the reader to be distracted from the real “meat” within the article by blatant mistakes.

I didn’t realize that the Lord was preparing me for what He had up His sleeve for my future. Thoughts of writing a book wasn’t anywhere in my thoughts anymore. I was just doing what seemed necessary to have a publication that would inspire people, give them hope, and a means for some to have a voice. Little did I know He was using my short articles within the pages of the Angel’s by Grace as preparation.

Editing a book goes much farther as I have learned over the years. I confess, it is not my most favorite thing to do but it is vital in writing a story. In fact I almost dread that part of the producing a quality story for others to read. If I pick up a book and begin reading and see several mistakes along the way I immediately think, “They sure didn’t have a very good editor.” It’s distracting to say the least.

Writing a short article, like this one, is much easier. It can be gone through quickly but when it comes to a book that we are writing and we’ve read it about a hundred times our eyes miss mistakes because we are so familiar with the content. I have a friend that goes through my manuscripts and edits and many times she’ll find mistakes that I have missed. In fact, all of the time mistakes are found!

So the Lord started with small articles and testimonies in a little magazine to “get my feet wet” I suppose for what was to come. His “secret” preparation has paid off because it is so very necessary in writing.

Publishers have editors but we must do the largest part of that process. This will be discussed later…………… so stayed tuned.





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