I’m Not Abraham!

Serving the Lord in whatever ministry or capacity that He calls us to do can be fun, pleasant, frustrating, satisfying, and rewarding all at the same time. I was doing the Angel Group support groups once a week and the Angel’s by Grace publication once a month. There was a lot of preparation needed for both but I was happy, satisfied, blessed in many ways, and on occasion frustrated. That’s to be expected in any ministry.

One of the really big high lights of my ministry was with the Angels by Grace magazine. My pastor took a few with him and a group from church to Russia and when they returned he called me into his office. I sat down, not knowing why he wanted to talk to me and left in tears.

Pastor told me the interpreter they had read some of the testimonies to a group of women they were talking with. Not only did they want it sent monthly after that and it would be interpreted, but the next morning the group of ladies met with them again and had formed a sexual abuse support group and called it “Ashes to Wholeness.” I burst out bawling! Russia’s 2 top social evil’s is sexual abuse and alcoholism. While I was blubbering the pastor reached in his desk drawer and handed me a small package the Russian women wanted me to have. It’s a hand quilted stitched square of the church they attend. Sorry, I have to stop a minute. Tears are getting in the way.

Okay, to continue.

One night the Lord gave me a dream and following up on the dream the next morning I was led to the scriptures where the Lord tells Abraham (Abram, at that time) to leave his family, etc. and go to a foreign land. I thought, Okay, what is this all about?

It turns out that the Lord was moving me to another state and would not tell me where, why, or what I was going to do there. I sold my home of 15 years, packed up, and hit the road.

For five years He moved me state to state, to state and would only tell me as needed the information I needed to accomplish what He wanted. Talk about frustrating! I drove Him nuts with all my questions only to be told, “You’ll see, Trust Me, and You have to lean on Me to survive.” Try that for five years and see if your blood pressure doesn’t rise!

The writing was on hold for those years. The Angel Group was finished after several years of leading that and the Angels by Grace publication ended its four year run. It seemed He was leading me in a whole new direction, which He was. I just didn’t know what direction and wasn’t very happy about being jerked out of my comfort zone of location, church, and friends to somewhere I knew nothing about or anyone.

My journal was the only place I was writing and for the sake of not being under your condemnation and judgment I will not share that with you. I want to encourage you not discourage you.

I finally ended back up in Georgia and the next “bomb” was dropped.

Stay tuned, you’ll love this.






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