Sneak Peek

I am so stinking excited I can hardly stand it! I just received the proofs of “I Am” cover design and it is just unbelievable! The Lord just continues to pour out His blessings by the tons.

Several years ago I did a very large painting of Jesus. It hung in the church for several years and people constantly looked at it as we sang praise and worship, prayed, etc. Everyone said it was such a blessing. One man said, “It just spooks me! I’ve sat all over this church and no matter where I sit His eyes follow me.” I had to laugh because it’s true. The Lord is an artist along with all else He is. I held the paint brush but He did the painting. The painting went with me when I changed churches once I returned to Georgia and the choir was the ones that were so disappointed when I removed it from that church. In fact, some of the choir members were very upset with me! It hangs in my living room now.

I submitted a few pictures of the painting and told the publisher I would like to use it if it is conducive to producing a nice cover for the new book. I stated that if it wasn’t then I wanted……. Oh my gosh! They were able to use it!

I’m so excited and tears are about to blur my vision. To think, the Lord is using me; someone who persecuted Christians, to spread His word, use me to paint His picture, and now that painting is on the cover of my eighth book!

I think there’s a significance to this but I’m not totally sure. The number eight Biblically means, “New Beginnings!” I am just blown away! I can’t wait to see what He has up His sleeve for me next.

So you’re the first to get a sneak peek. You’ve already had a small sampling of some of the short stories. Get ready – it won’t be long and the book will be out to the public.

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