A Year in the Making

Life continues regardless of whether we’re writing a book or not so it took a year to write my first book. I had never taken any “writing your book” kind of lessons or even read any articles about how to write or get started. I hear people say they get this story idea in their head and begin writing it. I’ve never done that!

I totally rely on the Lord to write whatever He wants to write about and it is aggravating to me when people will say to me, “But you wrote it!” Yes, I typed it but He wrote it. To me if I claim I wrote it that’s claiming the glory and I don’t think we’re suppose to steal God’s thunder, so to speak. Give Him the glory, the praise, and the honor for having given you the words to type. Pride easily sets in when we try to steal His glory.

I would write on my legal pad off and on throughout the year when “the mood” would hit me. By now a word processor was on the scene so the old typewriter was set aside for this new fang dangled contraption that I had to learn how to use. I’m not a whiz with technology so frustrations would set in and I’d set my manuscript aside. A word processor is very much like an electric typewriter.

That didn’t improve my hunt and peck method of typing but I have to admit I was getting a little faster at the hunting, and the pecking at the keys improved some, too. This did help tremendously and of course with any new “toy” we want to play with it so the writing became more frequent.

As with that manuscript that got trashed way back when, this one was becoming another “Encyclopedia Britannica.” By the time I finally finished writing the Lord made it clear that much of it had to be cut. That was really frustrating! All those important words and statements, and stories had to be cut and discarded? Grrrrrrrr

I was just writing whatever came into my head and the things I thought was so important for people to read and now I had to pick and choose what stayed and what went in the trash. “That needs to go.” “You said too much here.” “This chapter isn’t needed.” I trusted the Lord on making those decisions but my heart would melt as each paragraph or chapter went by the way.

We worked and worked to try to put together a decent story. I had no idea at the beginning of this that it would be my autobiography of coming from an unsaved heathen to loving a God I had hated.

Ohhhh wait, it gets better.







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