Did Pride Slip In?

“Well, little miss know-it-all, you don’t know everything!” Harsh? Yes! But that is what I’ve been telling myself today after hurting someone with unsolicited advice. Did a bit of pride slip in there as a cause? I don’t know, but I hope not.

When I had one book published people’s response was usually, “Oh, that’s nice.” As the list of book titles grew people’s responses varied from, “how wonderful” to “wow!” to “tell me how to write,” or “will you read my manuscript and tell me what you think?”

I really get tickled when a young adult will stand looking at me with absolute awe dripping from every pore in their body, and say, with awe dripping from their words, “You’re a reeeeal author?” I want to burst out laughing, but instead I reach out my arm, smile sweetly, and reply, “You can touch me if you want.” My very dear friend, whom has seen me do this, never fails to lean over and whisper, “If they only knew!” She knows me well!

Fun aside…………

I need to state something here very emphatically – I am not an expert on writing or publishing a book! This blog, and what I write, is from my own personal experiences in writing, submitting manuscripts, dealing with publishers, getting published, having books out there in the real world, and doing what I have been led to do through much prayer.

I write to encourage not discourage! Yes, I realize some of these posts can be a bit discouraging to a novice. I said I would be honest and transparent, but that is not to discourage anyone from fulfilling their dream! I suggest you do more than just take to heart what I may have written and do some research on your own if you are seriously considering writing a book. Hopefully this blog can be of help in showing some of the fun stuff, the up side, as well as the down side and some of the realities of being in a writers world. But it is written from my own personal experiences, not others.

Your experiences may be totally different from mine, and I’m sure many are. My advice; which is not coming from pride, is to let the Lord guide you! Do what He directs you to do and may He bless whatever it is that He is leading, or calling you, to do in His honor and for His glory. That’s the best advice I can give!







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