Another One?

Participating in the book signing events gave me several opportunities to meet a variety of people and by now I was becoming pretty familiar with how it goes and kind of what to expect.

But, as the saying goes, “it takes all kinds to make a world.” Usually the women were the ones buying the books and the men sort of tagged along, like those we see in the dress shops with a bored expression while Mama tries on dozens of dresses.

Occasionally a man would show an interest but mostly it would be women and the teens were the ones that were rather interesting. I think they were more interested in what flavors candy I had in the candy dish than the books. Except those who stood in awe. But I did have interesting conversations along the way.

After putting the table cloth, vase of fake flowers, books, business cards, and book marks away I’m walking into my living room when the Lord suddenly drops another bomb. “Would you like to write another one?” I’ll betcha anything He had a whole group of angels waiting in anticipation for my reaction right there with Him!

“What?” as I stop dead in my tracks. “You said I would write “A book.”

“Well do you want to or not?” It didn’t sound like I had much choice and it definitely intrigued me.

“Write one about what?” I stupidly asked.

“You’ll see.”

That’s how “Sacrifices of a Saint” came about; my second book. I was surprised at how quickly the writing went and after it was published, at how thin it was. Usually when we’re writing we aren’t focused on how many pages stack up unless they get ceiling high. Then we know some major cutting has to be done but it wasn’t that way with this one.

To be honest here, as usual, I was a bit disappointed when I received my free copies. Each publisher usually will give the author a few free copies. The publisher and I had a hard time deciding on the cover. Yes, I got to choose what I wanted on the cover. It just wasn’t working out and due to the books story content we settled on the rocks, trees, mountains, and weeds. I’ve since decided that it is appropriate since it can depict our journey with the Lord. I’ve definitely been in the valleys, stumbled over rocks, (boulder’s in my life would be more like it) and climbed mountains in my journey of faith. I think we all have.

And by the way, I used the same publisher as before. That will be important in a future post.

Stay tuned.


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