You What!?

That’s exactly how I felt! (And still do at times) The Lord bugged me for I don’t know how long about getting a computer now that they had been out for a while. I kept refusing and stated more than once, like about a hundred times, “I do not want a computer!”

It does no good to try to change the Lord’s mind when He has made it up. I relented and being as dumb as a rock with technology, I used an awful lot of non-Christian language and had to continually ask for forgiveness.

I would stomp away from the confounded thing ranting and raving. With the patience of Job He would say, “If you’ll just settle down, I’ll help you.” And He did. I’d be talking to someone on the phone, usually a close friend, and the first thing out of my mouth was complaining about this new contraption the Lord made me buy. (He doesn’t make us do anything!)

The first thing I learned, was taught, was how to set up for e-mail. Once I got that achieved I was just a teeny-tiny bit more relaxed. Then the bomb came!

Betcha’ can’t guess. Another book! 2008 was Laying Down my Net – A Walk of Faith, then 2009 Sacrifices of a Saint, and here we go again, 2010. It never occurred to me that this might be my new calling. That new direction He was taking me in when the support groups and Angels by Grace publication ended.

He led me to a different publisher and although this book took much research and hunting scriptures I was blown away by the material He was having me use. For several years the Lord had been giving me prophetic writings and words of knowledge and would only allow me to share them with three people. The binders they were kept in was filling up and frustration was mounting because the four of us who read them felt they needed to be “out there!” This was serious stuff!

“Seek My Face” is my “knock you up side of the head” book. It is no nonsense, in your face, truth filled, with encouragement to believers and dire warnings to non-believers. Several times I’d have to stop typing and get away from it, it is just that strong and impactful.

I had to have much help with the editing, and sought the help of a friend who has two doctorate degrees and knows the Bible inside and out to help me with the scriptures. Finally completing it and going through submitting it to the publisher, more problems arose…….big time!

Stick around. I’ll get to the explanation.

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