Flash Drives,Disc’s, and Printed Copies

Back when I was using the old typewriter and even the word processor there was no such thing as flash drives or C.D.s and D.V.D. disc’s. Everything I wrote was printed on regular typewriter paper so nothing could be saved in other ways.

When computers hit the scene then we had more options for security back up for our manuscripts. That was the case with “Seek My Face” book. I had a printed paper copy, I had the entire manuscript on a disc plus on a flash drive. My back-up, just in case I needed one, was secure.

Remember in the other post I said “You get what you pay for?” This is the publisher that charged absolutely nothing to publish my book. They are the one’s who chose the cover without my being able to approve it or choose what I wanted on the cover.

They are the ones that when I received the formatted copy of my book had left out thirty plus pages and had the entire chapters so screwed up I couldn’t even figure out what went where. The reference scriptures that I had lined up neatly in the back of the book and numbered were scattered all over the pages. No organization what-so-ever. The formatted copy was a total disaster! And worse yet, they expected me to approve it!

When I hit the ceiling I was flatly told “We type set it exactly as you gave it to us.”

Thank God for disc’s, flash drives, and printed copy! Once I threw that in their face things began to change. But the fighting to have a decent book continued. I named them, “A glorified print shop that doesn’t even know how to type set!”

Normally I would not do this but in order to save others I will. We can all be tempted to go for the “free” when we learn what publisher fees are but BE WARNED!

Remember – this is my experience with them!

PUBLISH AMERICA PUBLISHING COMPANY. I have since learned they have been sued many times over, (Fraud, deceptive practices, etc, etc, etc.) and have operated under a different name a couple of times, among other things. And yet they still have a web site hawking, “We’re the biggest totally free publisher.” And it is under PublishAmericaPublishers.com. I just read through it minutes ago. It makes me sick to my stomach! There for a time, because of the law suits against them, they were not accepting any manuscripts. I checked that a couple of years ago and a few times since. Hundreds of authors were left hanging with their books in production when they were out of business due to legal issues. And no, their manuscripts and files were NOT returned to their authors. Those with published books through them – get NO ROYALTIES when their book sells. (This will be discussed, in another post, too.)

Can you tell I have a bitter taste in my mouth just talking about them? It makes me mad, too. Not for me, because I cancelled my contract with them a year after my book came out. I get angry because they are still swindling their authors who unbeknownst to the authors, are being flat out lied to! Plus they absolutely inundate their authors with daily e-mails to buy more books, to buy….. to buy…. to buy….. and do nothing after the book is published except bug everyone to buy, buy, buy.

Had I not had the flash drive, D.V.D., and printed copy of my manuscript I don’t know how all of this would have worked out. I just praise God that He told me to make copies.

I feel I need to say this even though it does seem to be common sense to do. Make sure you have a copy of the completed manuscript BEFORE you submit. You never know what can happen once they have your book.


Come on back – I hope I haven’t scared you off.






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