That “Encyclopedia Britannica” that got thrown in the trash so long ago was written out of hurt, anger, and revenge for all those who had hurt me. Thinking back on it, I think the Lord used that sarcastic and rude man on the other end of the line to stop me from my sinful intentions of hurting others. I’m grateful now, even though it stopped me from writing for many years.

This leads me to the question – why do you want to write a book, a magazine article, a devotional, or even a blog? Is there an ulterior motive hidden down deep behind that desire? We all must think long and hard about that question because our answer determines what we write and how we write it.

As I’ve stated before, I had no intention of writing a book after my “book” hit the bottom of the trash can. The Lord had told me, “You will write a book” at that women’s retreat two weeks after I got saved and fifteen years later He said, “Are you ready to write a book?”

Before I put the pen to the paper He told me in no uncertain terms, “All proceeds from the sales of your book is to go into the ministry. You are not to take even a penny!” They do, and they have from that moment on, even though I didn’t know what the book was going to be about, or if it really would come to pass, and if it did, if it would even sell. I agreed.

And in case anyone is wondering, No, the publishers fees and all expenses involved does NOT come out of ministry funds.

Shame on me! My doubts were so much higher than my faith. The Lord taught me many hard lessons during those five years of state to state moving and yet I doubted. Another comfort zone destroyed! He’s taking me into unknown waters blind! Fear and doubt will hold us back. Thankfully, I picked up the pen and hoped that He would do what He said and began writing.

My only reason for holding that pen and writing the words given to me at that time was simply two reasons; Stepping out in faith, as He tells us to do, and being obedient. Which He also tells us to be. As the pages progressed I began to see how my words – His words – our words; my journey, could be an encouragement to others. I think the most significant response to that book (Laying Down my Net) is when a woman told me after reading it, “I need to really reevaluate my relationship with Christ.” That made the work, the year long trial and error and learning experience well worth it to me. It can be an eye opener into our own journey.

The biggest blessing for me as a result of my obedience, is my brother. For some reason our relationship had gone astray. We had always been close and suddenly it was as though we’d had a huge fight or something and no longer communicated. I never understood why and was deeply hurt. He read Laying Down my Net and suddenly, our relationship was back to where it had always been. I don’t know why, other than he told me, “It answered a lot of questions.” If I never sold more than that one copy, I would be praising God for it.

As Christians are we writing in the hopes of filling in a gap in the check book, to see our name splattered across the front cover, to help others through our testimonies, or are we writing to glorify the Lord whether we sell them or whether we give them all away? That decision is between you and the Lord but it is a decision that each who put their pen to the paper have to make.

I write to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ. I want to honor Him and bring praise to Him and encourage others to do the same. I pray it will touch a non-believer and open their eyes to Christ’s great and mighty love and hopefully to dispel those silly thoughts of, “God doesn’t do that!” like one woman said when I gave a testimony. Each one of the books, be it fiction or non-fiction, serious or a novel, has a different message the Lord is bringing. If my motives for writing changes, I’ll quit!


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