Be Encouraged Even When Things Don’t Look Good

As I sit here and type this I sit in awe. The Lord said, “You will write a book.” (singular) Now several years later I have eight published books. (I AM is about to be released) Thinking back I wonder, how did all this happen?

It happened because of God’s grace and through my faith in Him! He showed me in each writing, that He is faithful to do what He says He will do. One book proved that, but eight? How can I ever doubt Him again? That is not bragging on me, that is bragging on our faithful Lord, Jesus Christ.

If you recall I had stated in earlier posts that the proceeds go into the ministry and in another post I talked about our motives for writing. Yes, the sales of my books supports Elah Ministry, Inc along with donations from loving people. But what if there are no sales?

Of course I love when people buy my books and especially if they enjoy them, but I have to confess that when book stores started going out of business and the book signing events dwindled down to almost nonexistent due to all the new technology that allows people to read on their confounded devices, it gets discouraging. I haven’t done book signing events in quite some time now due to that fact. People just don’t seem to want a “real” book and book stores, as well as authors, have suffered. I have heard that is changing though and people are returning to the “real” books. Praise God.

The Lord asked me one day, “Are you writing to make money, or are you wanting people to be drawn to Me through your books?” My immediate answer, of course, was the latter.

“Okay – Prove it!”

No book signing events, selling a book here and there, no royalties to speak of coming in, do I give up? Do I stack the boxes of books in the basement and say, “forget it! It’s a waste of money?” And believe me I have a LOT of money tied up in these books!

I’m sure some of you are wondering why I’m willing to give a free book. Answer – Because it isn’t about the money! Doctors offices, Dental offices, Hospital ladies rooms, clinic waiting rooms, wherever I have an opportunity to leave a book with a sticky note “Free to take” with my business card and a book mark advertising the ministry inside the book, I do. Its more than “Get your name out there.” Its a means to introduce people to Jesus.

More good stuff to come.


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