A summary, of sorts.

The stories have been written. The publisher selected. The editing has been done, the manuscript has been sent and accepted and the tax form sent. (Yes, you will pay the govt. taxes on all books sold and if you do not send a tax form you will receive no royalties!) Those are the first steps we have taken in our dream of seeing a real book with our name on the front.

We wait.

After some time has passed we get the formatted copy to go through and check for any mistakes. We read our story again and check everything and make the necessary corrections and send them back to the publisher.

We wait some more.

The Publisher makes the corrections and sends us another formatted copy of our book with the corrections made and we check to make sure all the mistakes we sent are corrected. (If you keep a copy of the page, paragraph and mistake, as well as the correction, you will not have guess work and a very simple means of checking what has been corrected without having to reread the entire book again.) Then we sent “accept” for the formatted copy back to the publisher.

We wait some more.

An e-mail (with this particular publisher) will be sent saying my book has gone to print.


The anticipation rises. The hard stuff is behind and now in just two or three weeks I’ll be receiving my box of free books! (No, you don’t get one free this time. 🙂 )

Seeing our work done in a formatted form is one thing, but having the actual “real” book in hand is yet another, and no matter how many books you have published, its always exciting to see the new, real thing, in living color, in your hand.

I’m guess-timating release sometime late July. Once I get the official release date, I’ll share that.

Stay tuned, more good stuff ahead.


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