Don’t Take It Personally

By now I have three books published and I’m busy doing book signing events at various bookstores in the area. There are some days I sell none, but have met people and have made a list of e-mail addresses from the drawing, to notify of my next event.

This is kind of fun because I’ll look up and someone will be standing there that came to my last signing event and we usually will get into a short conversation about whatever book they bought or whichever one is my latest. Kind of like an old home week. Its nice to know people will let you know when they enjoy your book and better yet, when they show up at your next event.

We will on occasion create “followers” if they really enjoy our books. But I have found, like I’ve stated earlier, “It takes all kinds to make a world.” My latest, at that time was Seek My Face. My display table had all three books; Laying Down my Net, Sacrifices of a Saint, and Seek My Face.

Its interesting to watch people’s reactions as they pick up a book, glance at the cover, turn it over and read the back cover. I can almost read their mind by their facial expressions.

The reactions to Seek My Face has actually been a surprise to me. People, on the most part, will linger over the other two books and maybe ask a few questions about it, but when Seek My Face is picked up, if it is, it is like someone has touched something nasty!

I actually had someone say, “I don’t read that kind of stuff!” and tossed the book back on the table and walked away. I admit, Seek My Face is a confrontational book. Is it that people don’t want to be confronted with the Word of God? Is that why many do not read the Bible, because it confronts us, as well as guides us?

I learned, basically from having that book on my display table, to not take reactions or comments personally. Everyone has their own tastes in reading material and we are not going to be able to please all of them.

To me, its sad because even today, and maybe even more so today with the anti-Christian stuff going on, that there is such a lack of interest in Seek My Face. On occasion I will have someone who shows a genuine interest in it but on the most part I bring the same number home as I took.

Their loss, not mine, is my way of thinking. I can’t take their lack of interest personally. It is their choice as to what they read or don’t read. That is not a reflection on me.

If you would like one FREE copy of “Seek My Face” (I’ll pay the postage – USA ONLY) (Additional copies are $10.00 + $5.00 postage & handling) send me an e-mail with your name and address to:

I’ll be back with more. Stay tuned.


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