Lord, Can We…?

After two non-fiction books and a serious, “In your face book,” the Lord said, “Are you ready to write another?” I groaned and whined a little. “Lord, (whiny voice) we’ve been doing all these serious books and I’m kind of worn out. Can we do a novel maybe? I’m really sick of all this serious stuff.” (sniff, sniff)

And “Pursuit” was being born.

As usual, when I sat down to this computer I had absolutely no idea what would be written. The past 2 years have been filled with a book being released, book signing events, and just every day life.

To start another book was both exciting and daunting. Daunting because I eat, sleep, and breathe whatever writing project I have undertaken. Which means no sleep, a quick sandwich, and a mind that never stops. He didn’t give me a clue as to what kind of story it would be, which means really sitting at the foot of the Throne and praying Someone up there knows what He’s doing! I prayed turning it all over to Him and started typing.

I was glad when I saw we were using Atlanta and Georgia areas as the locations for the story. At least I was familiar with that and wouldn’t have to do a bunch of research stuff. When He started bringing in beaches I was really excited. The Lord knows I like mysteries, suspense, and beaches, so as the pages started filling with words I was also pleased to see I had two characters in positions that I was familiar with also. But I had no idea where any of this was going!

And then the story got into something I was totally unfamiliar with – weddings. Two of them!

I started off with a little research and then decided to consult with my very dear friend about how to plan a big wedding. When I married I insisted on a very informal, small wedding. In fact, it was very small, only five of us! And I wanted to wear jeans and a Mickey Mouse T-shirt but my groom said “NO!” (not all little girls dream of a big wedding) I had no clue how to plan, much less describe, a big wedding and that was frustrating me to no end.

Have you ever tried to describe a long flowing beautiful wedding dress with material and lace that you’ve never heard of, much less can pronounce? And how come a kid has to have the wedding ring on a satin pillow? Is the groom so weak or lazy he can’t hold a ring?

My friend had many good ole belly laughs at my phone calls screaming in her ear about the stupidity of wasting all that money for an hours worth of “I do’s.” “Have you seen the prices of some of these rags they get married in!?” The research was killing me! Flowers, food, cake, clothing for brides maids, what do the men wear? Oh crap, I forgot the Mom’s and Dads! You mean I have to dress them, too? (screaaaaam) The honeymoons were fun and of course they went where I have been before. It was fun writing. Some of those cakes and wedding dresses are awesome! And some I wouldn’t wear to camp in!

As the story progressed I would send a chapter to my friend to edit. That way she didn’t have to spend hours upon hours going through several chapters. She would call me laughing and I knew right then, when she couldn’t even talk for laughing, I was in trouble, or she loved what was written.

My first novel, even with the cottin’ pickin’ wedding research stuff, was fun and once again, another manuscript would be shipped off to a publisher.

Hang in there – I’m not done yet.







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