A Whole New Ballgame

I found that writing a novel is quite different from what I’ve written so far. Laying Down my Net had characters but I knew them because the story is a true story. I just had to come up with fake names for them.

With this novel it was a quite different in that jobs, various characteristics and personalities, likes and dislikes along with family ties had to be created. The writing part of it wasn’t so bad because, like I have said many times, the Lord gives me a part of the story as needed. But I still have to do my part in the thinking through and bringing it all together. If I get off track He brings me back.

Many times I would go off to the lake during the week when it was empty of people and sit on the beach with my legal pad and write. The Lord would give me parts of the story and then when I came home to type it we filled in the rest of what was needed.

The problem, well not a problem per say, but the difficulty is keeping up with all the characters. Making sure to be consistent with using the right name for the right person. I had a sheet of paper to the side of the computer and write down, “Teri – the prosecutor,” “Clay – Dad,” etc. and I had to keep up with them or have a real mess on my hands.

When it came to the mystery part of the book I had to think about what made sense and what didn’t. Would a prosecuting attorney really say that? Would a defense attorney look like that? There was a whole lot more thinking and meditating going on with writing this novel. And of course the big wedding ripped it!

The editing was a nightmare! Once the manuscript was written and ready to send to the publisher I needed to go through every sentence and of course, I found mistakes. Not just mistakes in punctuation or spelling but having the wrong name for someone saying something. For example, “Clay said…” when it should have been “Tom said…”

Thank God for my dear friend because she would catch what I didn’t. Don’t forget, we’re not only writing the story but we are reading it over and over and over and over and over. We know it so well we could recite it paragraph by paragraph in our sleep! Always have someone else go through your manuscript before submitting it to a publisher. They can point out if a point you made doesn’t make sense as well as catch other kinds of mistakes. And don’t forget your flash drive, disc copy, or printed copy.


Hang around – more good stuff coming.






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