Money or Planting Seeds?

I’m skipping ahead for this post because it is what I call “The rubber hits the road.” It goes back to motives. It is something, as difficult as it is to write, that anyone hoping or planning to enter a writers world must know. It is not to discourage you but give you an inside look at the real business of publishing. This part of that business is not fair to authors but it is a fact!

Three things are involved. You the author, the publishers, and the retailer. None operates without the other unless you sell your books yourself and cut out the retailers, but you are still left with a publisher. Without the publisher your book will not be printed!

When a book goes out to the world, for example, through a bookstore. The bookstore takes a % and sends the rest to the publisher. The publisher takes their % and sends the rest to you. I think I’ve mentioned this before.

What happens if a publisher goes out of business? Here’s the cold hard facts!

Book # 1
Book # 2
Book # 3

Book # 4
Book # 5

Book # 1 and 2 = over $11,000 paid in publishing fees. That does not take into account for the books I had to buy, all promotional items; book marks, business cards, posters, advertising, etc. THAT PUBLISHER WENT OUT OF BUSINESS!

Book # 3 = No publishing fee. (I cancelled the contract not knowing what I now know. I wrote about this one) Yet I still had to buy all the promotional items and buying my books, as mentioned above.

Book # 4 and 5 = $8,000 paid in publishing fees. Not counting buying my books, promotional items, advertising, etc. THAT PUBLISHER FOLDED when two top executives were indicted for embezzlement, fraud, theft by taking, and a whole string of charges.

All of these books are still being sold on Amazon as well as the other book selling businesses AND I DO NOT GET A PENNY! When one of the books sells that business gets the money because there is no publisher in the middle to disperse funds to me. (Those businesses will NOT pay directly!) The books are no longer being printed but don’t forget they are still out there! (Used books, little off the beaten path book sellers, etc)

What’s my recourse? Sue Amazon and any other businesses that sell my books for copyright infringement! (I spoke to a copyright attorney about this) This is true of any articles, books, etc. that you have written and have with a publisher and/or under contract with a copyright.

Money or planting seeds? After much anger, hurt, and disbelief for all the hard work, time, and expense put into writing these books I asked the Lord for His will regarding the books. They are His books for His glory. After much prayer I chose to continue to allow the books to be sold and pray that the Lord will speak through them to all those who read them.

I hope this has not doused any dreams of writing but hopefully it has helped to inform and enable you to go forward with eyes wide open. Any publisher can fold at any time no matter how big or how long they have been in business. I learned that the hard way. Four of those books were published with very well known long standing publishers. God bless you as you look again at the motives behind your desire.

Don’t run away yet – Happier posts are coming.


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