A Gift With Imagination

Having a new publisher for this book has been a blessing. I don’t recall the title I had chosen but I learned there was another book with the same title so we decided to change and “my team,” at the publisher, came up with “Pursuit.” It fit perfectly for the story line and when it was time for the cover design we worked together to create it.

I thought, and still do, the beach chairs lined up on the beach is perfect. Each chair is a different color and each chair is representative of each main character in the book. Each of the main characters are different in their thoughts, actions, jobs, etc. The post card depiction fits perfectly also. I thought that was pretty cool! We want our covers to depict what is inside and the front cover design should be created to stand out over all other books on the display rack. We want the buyers eye to be drawn to our cover over all others.

As stated in the previous post, keeping characters straight is a unique challenge since this was my first novel. I was constantly having to refer to my “cheat sheet” with everyone’s names and characters. I had to do that with all the novels.

And of course, I love the beach, so I needed some fun time involving a beach. That’s what I find so fun about writing a novel. It’s like painting. That blank piece of paper (or computer screen) is like an artists pallet. You can paint any picture you want on it.

With novels my characters can be anything I want them to be; A fat, ugly judge, or a beautifully dressed Miss Pris. I can have a goofy or a serious character, and I can have them rich or poor or both, and I can make up the town or use somewhere I know about.

For me, I lean pretty much to reality type scenarios. So far I have used areas that I am familiar with or have personally been there. As for people/characters? The sky is the limit, so go for it! Let that wonderful imagination have free reign.

My preference is wanting my story to be realistic. I want my reader to be so engrossed in the story that they feel they are right there in the story. I’ve had several people tell me, “I feel like I’m right there living it! I loved it!” And not just with this book but the other novels, too. If that is achieved I am a very happy camper!

Speaking of “living it.” That is exactly how I am while writing a novel. I am those characters! I feel their joy, their sadness, their happiness and their anger. I had to laugh and stop writing one night because I was so engrossed in writing that I wasn’t paying any attention to my cat, Miss Kitty. She began pestering me for something and wouldn’t stop. I finally looked down, in frustration, and yelled, “Mildred stop it!” Mildred is the character I was “living” at that moment. All I could do was laugh when I realized what I did, and give Miss Kitty some love.


I’ll be back – Hope you are, too.






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