A Mystery to Me

I stated in the last post about how I really liked this publisher. The staff appointed for various divisions of the production were great. They were helpful, made suggestions, and in the end produced a nice product.

We don’t always find that with self-publishing. This particular publisher not only lined up book signing events that I could accept or reject, but gave me helpful tips on advertising, created a website exclusively for my book, made a trailer for my book with one million views on T.V. Let me design the cover, and the royalty checks came regularly. They, to me, seemed to go above and beyond. I could not have asked for better.

Things were going smoothly and my books were selling at book signings.

Having been up late the night before I was kind of dragging the next day and not feeling like doing much. Actually I was bored! I came in my office to play a game of Bingo on the computer. Sitting down, yawning, before uploading the game, the Lord dropped another bomb. “You wanna write another one?”

Eyes snap open and boredom left the scene!

I was really hoping it would be another novel and thank you Lord, it was. As usual, when I excitedly asked, “What’s this one about?” the typical “you’ll see” was the reply.

I’ve stated before that each of my books have a message the Lord is bringing across within the story. And I know various people will glean different things from the stories but hopefully whatever that is will draw them closer to the Lord. This book has a strong message and again parts of it is from my own experiences. That’s something else. Don’t tell anyone but each book has a part of me in them. Shhhh, only those who know me really well will recognize those parts.

“Dawn’s Light” was not only fun writing , but it was as though I had started reading a book and couldn’t wait to get to the next chapter to see what happens. I’m serious! It is that intriguing, sit on the edge of your seat kind of story, light romance, and I had no idea what was coming next. My editing friend was even calling and asking, “What’s going to happen? Where’s this going? Does……?” My only answer was, “I have no idea!”


Intrigued? Stay tuned.






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