A Hiccup in Writing

There are times when life’s necessities and chores get in the way of those things we would rather be doing. I am not one of those who can multi-task doing ten things at one time. If I try that I mess up nine of them and actually accomplish nothing but a mess. No offense to those who can do that sort of thing, but it reminds me of how often I, and many of us I think, try to focus on the Lord; be it in church, His word, or in prayer, and other things just invade our thoughts like a swarm of bees to honey. We have to force ourselves to focus and even sometimes that doesn’t work.

The necessities have invaded this past week and I haven’t been able to wrap my brain around anything except what is right now and needs done right now. I have a sloping bank in my back yard and with all the storms we’ve had it has gradually washed down into the “valley” part of the yard. Its a mess!

I did manage to get the small brick retainer at the bottom removed and then all work stopped… for a time. I’ve been three months trying to get someone to help me design and build a retaining wall. I can’t stand looking at this horror any longer. So this past couple of weeks I’ve been tied up with a contractor and last Friday the work begun.

On Friday I also discovered, to my horror, that I have a nasty case of Shingles! Yeah, even after having their two “miracle” shots that “you never get them again.” Not fun and with the week-end forget seeing my Doctor. During the week-end, with a contractor and men working, I’d have to run in the house to put a cold damp cloth on the left side of my derriere to hopefully stop the itching. I walked a little funny, too. But I wasn’t about to explain my condition to three men when I got the funny looks when I tried to hide scratching my…well you know.

Sunday came and while I was at church the guys were finishing up the walls and arriving home I was able to strip off the tight clothes and let the body breathe. By 4:00 o’clock I was admiring my new yard decor and forget about the ache and itching for a short time.

As I stated early on, there are just some things that have to be done and so I will be adding more to A Writers Corner as I am more able to focus on writing than worldly chores. Tomorrow the top of a tall tree has to be cut down before it comes crashing through my kitchen. Loving to play in the dirt I need plants now! You know that has to be taken care of, too. (tee hee)

One thing at a time, and we all know how that goes. Please say a prayer the medication works and I’ll be done with these darn shingles and all agony that goes with that.


I will be back! So don’t go away.






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