A Few is Never Enough

I hope everyone had a blessed, fun, and safe Independence Day celebration. I over did it by a long shot and am dragging today. I had mentioned previously, and even showed before and after pictures, of my new retaining walls that I had installed to hold up my quickly decreasing bank in my yard.

Of course once that was completed I just had to fill that one hundred foot long empty space with all new plants, and that’s exactly what I have been doing in 95 degree humid weather. I spent the 4th playing in the dirt, sweating, and guzzling water like I hadn’t had a drop in a month. Isn’t that how we are before we drink of God’s Living Water? Someone offers us a sip and then suddenly we guzzle it because we haven’t had His Water up to that point. Our thirst is quenched and then we get to work doing His business.

And work I did! I had to ask the Lord for forgiveness because when I left to buy the plants He told me how many and what to buy. I thought that was very helpful of Him but He knows all too well I was going to probably buy more than what He said. And yes, I did. A whole bunch more than the few He mentioned.

Have you ever heard of the term, “Like a mad dog in a meat house?” That’s me in a garden shop! Buy one or two potted plants to plant? No way! Someone would have to drag me away in order for that to happen.

Sunburned, exhausted, and filthy dirty I crawled into the house. I didn’t have the energy to stand in a shower so the whirly (jet tub) was filled. Ohhhhhh I hope the Lord has “whirlies” in heaven, at least one in my mansion!

This morning bright and early I was back at it – playing in the dirt. Praise God I finished planting all but two plants, and got everything watered before calling it a day. How many plants did I plant, you ask? FIFTY! And I feel every bit of the digging, bending, and scooping.

Stay tuned. I’ll be back on track next week.







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