Come On UPS

I have said for some time to others that it takes much longer for the production process of a book to take place than it takes me to write one. Depending on the publisher you use it can take close to a year before you will have the finished product in your hot little hands and its released to the public.

Some of the self-publishing publishers may take much less time time depending on what services you want them to cover in your contract. Some have movie possibilities, overseas book fairs, and a whole string of services provided. But be aware that with more added services the publishing fee goes up.

The publisher I have used this time, and I have used them before, offered three different “packages” and by now I have realized that much of what is offered I don’t need. So I went with a cheaper package, and with this publisher it isn’t going to take a year to have my book in my hot little hands. Which pleases me.

I received the e-mail that stated “Your book has gone to print.” Yayyyy. That means, (according to them) I will receive my complimentary books in 7-10 business days. I’m counting the days and hopefully by the time you are reading this I will be dancing around the living room holding my newly produced book, I Am – Devotional Style Short Stories.

I can’t wait to see the actual finished product. But that also means that I only have about 15-16 days to reread it looking for any mistakes that I, or they, made before it is released to the public. If there are any it will cost me a fee to have them corrected since it has already gone to print and it will also delay the release. That’s why the editing is so important. I certainly don’t want the public to be reading a book with my name on it that has mistakes.

So tomorrow morning I’ll be watching for the UPS truck to pull next to my drive way with a box filled with books for me. I’m hoping those 7-10 business days has arrived.


See ya’ next time

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