“If It Isn’t…”

Dawn’s Light is probably the most suspense filled book I’ve written so far and has a powerful message. Pursuit has suspense but is a more family oriented story. I really had fun writing Dawn’s Light for it kept me on the edge of my seat as it does the readers, as well as laughing.

I’ve found that with writing the novels, I’ve leaned toward beach scenes, a little romance, suspense, and always try to add some humor. I think I mentioned once before how various people react to what is displayed on my book signing table. Seek My Face seems to be the shunned one on the most part, the elderly customers tend to gravitate to Pursuit when told its more of a family type story, Laying Down my Net, seemed to be just about everyone, but especially Christians, when I tell them it is a true story about how the Lord taught this independent, stubborn woman to trust, obey, and depend on Him.

When people approach my display and are filling out the drawing paper I’ll ask, “Do you like true stories, suspense, family type stories, or knock you up side the head reading?” At that last one they usually laugh and will name what they prefer. This gives me an idea as to which book to pick up to tell them about.

I had a lady approach the display and when greeted she never said a word. She picked up Dawn’s Light and was reading the back cover. She set it back down and picked up another and as she did I said, “My books are all Christian based so there is no nasty stuff, cussing, and all that in them.” She threw the book, literally threw the book down on the table and said, “If it isn’t like Fifty Shades of Gray I don’t want it!” and stomped off.

It takes all kinds to make a world.

I really like writing the novels even though keeping characters straight throughout is a bit challenging. A novel, versus a true story, gives us the ability to express and create whereas the true stories are based on truth of whatever we’re writing. With a novel we can “go crazy” in a manner of speaking, by creating characters that make us furious, or make us jump with joy, or cry with compassion.

My one character in Dawn’s Light , “Nancy,” makes the reader gasp, get mad, wonder what the heck is this person doing, and when a certain thing happens jump straight out of the chair and yell, “Yes!” I’ve had those that have read it tell me that when……… happened “I literally jumped up and shouted, “Yes!” Even my friend that helps with my editing called me about “Nancy.” I almost had the same reaction myself.

So when you sit down to write have fun. Let your creative juices flow. If its a testimony about something hurtful in the past, feel the hurt, let the tears flow, and keep writing. You’d be amazed at the healing that takes place in writing our story and God uses our testimony to help others.

As Christians, whatever we write should glorify the Lord; be it a testimony or a suspense novel or even a love story. We were given this gift to share with others, make Him proud.


More good stuff ahead – stay tuned.






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