Endorsements are important although I confess, I never even thought of getting endorsements until I had already written a couple of books. Many people may skip over the page that lists the endorsements but there are many who will not. They want to see if others feel like your book is worthy of reading.

A review of your book is different from an endorsement. Joe blow on the street can write a review. For example, “I really like the part about…. but I feel the author fell short in the area of… I thought the author was way off course.” It’s similar to someone writing a critique about a restaurant they ate at. It can be good or it can be bad.

With an endorsement, whoever is writing it is praising your work. They’re encouraging others to want to buy it. I’ve often wondered how an author can have an entire page filled with endorsements. Well, I found out.

Its work! Its selling your story to someone else that maybe has a degree in whatever you’re writing about. A medical type of story, you would want doctors to endorse it. Mine are Christian genre so I seek out Pastors, Christian authors, Christian Counselors, and someone that has a Christian ministry.

Its a matter of making contacts and it can, should be, professionals in whatever genre you are writing. I have blogging friends, people I have never met face to face, that are familiar with my blogs, familiar with my beliefs, and know without question I will not be writing “smut.” So another option is through social media.

Ask those kinds of people and even Psychiatrists/Counselors, Veterinarians, Politicians, (not liberals if you’re a conservative) if that falls in line with your book. Don’t be disappointed and think your book isn’t any good if some turn you down. I have asked pastors that said they would but their schedules were such that they just couldn’t get the time to read the manuscript I sent. I’ve had authors say, “I have several book signing events lined up and I just can’t do it right now.” Someone I asked didn’t like the “hell” description I have in a book, so refused. That didn’t reflect on the story as being bad. It was just that person’s personal opinion.

Start seeking people to endorse a few weeks before you are going to incorporate them into your book manuscript. It gives people time to read what you send them, think, and write it. A gentle reminder can help if you don’t hear back in say, 3-4 weeks. Your endorsements will be a part of your manuscript that you submit to the publisher. It isn’t something you can do later.

There are many reasons why someone might turn you down but don’t give up. Your work is worthy of endorsements but its up to you to seek those out that are willing to take the time. The more you can get the better.

For someone to endorse your book is, to me, a huge blessing. I have happily endorsed a couple myself and the gratitude is genuine so be sure to thank whoever takes the time to read your work, or a summary of it, because you have been truly blessed. For those who endorse mine, I send them a free copy when its released as my thank you.


Happy writing. I’ll see you next time.






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