A Day Off

When God was creating everything He took a day to rest. Not that He gets tired, but as an example to us and today is my day of rest. No it isn’t Sunday, the day we normally think of as our Sabbath.

Georgia July’s are known for our heat and humidity and I have been working out in it for the last few weeks and it has absolutely caught up with me and the body is saying, “enough!”

Each year, for the past 3-4 years, I have been doing a lot of crocheting; hats and scarves for the homeless and women’s shelters. Last year I added to the collection several crocheted lap afghans for the wheel chair bound residents at the assisted living and memory care center where I have been teaching crocheting.

I was so blessed when all those residents, men and women, were so thankful and so appreciative when we went to each room and let them choose their afghan at Christmas. I started thinking about what to do for them this year as gifts for Christmas and came up with an idea.

And that’s what I’ve been working on the past couple of days. I have put the writing aside for a short time, no I haven’t quit on you, and while staying out of the heat I have been crocheting, painting, and gluing. Another one of my love-to-do’s.

We all have some talent and even though we get engrossed in writing there will be a time when a break from it is needed. I’m not working on another book right now so I can use other talents to glorify God and bring some joy to those who have little due to circumstances beyond their control. I see so many that have no visitors, that seem to merely exist until the Lord takes them home.

It breaks my heart, so while recovering from a lot of hard work out in the heat and humidity, I am working on 40 separate individual gifts to have ready by December 1st so…..

I’ll see you back here Monday while I play in the paint and glue and crochet.







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