The Way it Was

Back when I wrote my first book, Laying Down my Net – A Walk of Faith, I knew absolutely nothing about having a book published much less actually writing one. I was merely being obedient to the lord and totally relied on Him to help me to do that.

As I have stated before, each publisher is different. Vantage Press was my first publisher and I paid a very high publishing fee to have that book published. One of the reasons it was $7,000.00 versus the $4000.00 many now charge, was because they stored printed books in their warehouse. If an order came in they had them ready to go. There was no need for printing up whatever was ordered. Faster and more efficient service.

They were a well known and very reputable publisher and had been in business for many years. In fact it was my understanding that they were one of the top self publishers in the country. But as many have, they went out of business several years after mine were published.

When they announced they were closing their doors they sent me a letter stating they had 500 Laying Down my Net books and 500 Sacrifices of a Saint in their warehouse and for $50.00 postage they would send them all to me free of charge. Wow! I’m glad I had a basement. That’s a lot of books!

It also took my books off the market! (and yet they are still being sold today) I sold a lot through book signing events and I have given a lot away as advertising and to friends. Even now, I still have some left and I will leave them in doctors offices, hospital clinics restrooms, waiting rooms, etc. I also would give a free Sacrifices of a Saint away to anyone who bought one of my other books. Buy one – get one free. It helped to sell the others.

In today’s world, books are not usually stored in warehouses anymore. Much to my surprise, and chagrin, a yearly fee is paid to the publisher to keep the, (I’ll call it a C.D. because I don’t know what the official term is,) on their computers, or wherever, and when a book or books are ordered they pop the sucker in the printer and print up however many are ordered.

Even if our book is not selling this fee must be paid yearly. If it is not paid they take your book off the market! One publisher I have the fee is $36.00 a year per book. Another publisher I have is $55.00 a year. This continues for as long as you are under a contract with them. Cancel the contract or refuse to pay the fee and your book goes off the market!

I liked it better when they stored the printed books in a warehouse.


I’ll be back – Hope you will, too.

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