I confess

I talked a little about my second book but I have to make a confession here. I have been very disappointed in that book for a couple of reasons. After all the work of thinking, pulling things together, hunting and pecking out the words, editing, and making sure everything was as the publisher wanted, and trying to come up with a cover design, as well as reliving the memories, (Its a true story) when I got the completed, published book in my hot little hands I was shocked!

All that work and Sacrifices of a Saint is a mere 36 pages long! It’s also over priced, in my opinion. So naturally I’d sell it for less. Which by the way, I still sell my books for less than the publishers price, unless its a doctor or lawyer. 🙂 (Just kidding)

The other reason I’m disappointed in it is because it isn’t a favorite in the sales division. It’s thin, over priced, and who knows why else. So since it is one that Vantage Press sent me box loads of I place stacks of them in the hospital clinics ladies rooms on each floor with a sticky note, “Free to take.” You know free will go and its good advertising for my other books since I have a bookmark advertising “Inspirational Books” and Elah Ministries, Inc. and a business card in each one.

It seems that if we have more than one book published there’s going to be one that maybe doesn’t do well. But that should never stop us from going forward. Even if you have only one published and it isn’t doing as well as you hoped and the juices are flowing for another, pray about it and don’t hold back if the Lord is giving you the go ahead.

Don’t expect to be on the New York Times Best Seller list or Amazon’s Best Sellers, immediately. It just doesn’t work that way, usually. I’ll reveal some secrets about that later.

Stick around – more to come.







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