Before I Formed You…

Jeremiah 1:5 says that the Lord knew us before we were ever formed in our mother’s womb. This is the scripture I used when I wrote Grace Defined.

I find it interesting that the Lord will use some of the various experiences I have had in some of the books. As stated before, there are bits and pieces of me; my attitudes, thoughts, behaviors, experiences, etc. sneakily incorporated into the stories. This one is no different.

Some years ago the Lord gave me a vision that dealt directly with this verse, and as I started this book and asked, “What do I write for the Prologue?” that vision suddenly appeared in my mind. So the Prologue is the actual vision the Lord gave me back then. Now how sneaky is that?

When I sent the completed manuscript to a couple of people to read for their endorsement I was amazed at their response. “It is so true-to-life I actually cried. It felt like you were telling my story.” That came from a man! There is so much in this story that so many can relate to that it still amazes me.

I love the way the Lord will bring to life those things that people struggle with and yet there is always little pieces of hope slipped in along the way. That is why I continually encourage others to pray and ask the Lord to set their soul aside so He can write the story.

I had someone poo-poo that statement one time. “Yeah, right! God reaches down and holds the pen. Give me a break!” We know the Lord doesn’t reach down and hold the pen and that it isn’t His fingers hunting and pecking these keys on this computer. But if we give Him full reign you’ll be amazed and maybe even totally shocked at how “hunt and peck” seems to disappear and suddenly the words are flowing and being typed much faster than ever before. That’s what happens with my hunt and peck typing skills.

I don’t have to stop and think about what a character is going to do because the Lord already has gone before me and the words just appear and flow. My fingers are on the keyboard but it is His story that is appearing on the screen.

Let the Lord have control when you sit down, even with a story idea rolling around in your head. Ask Him to fill in those blanks when you aren’t sure what or how any of this is going to come about. Watch as the screen, or paper, is filled with a story that you weren’t even sure was going to be written. Or, as with me, one you have no idea as to what is going to be written.

More to come……..


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