The hours spent, the sleepless nights, the reading and re-reading and typing takes so much of our time when writing a book. It is a sacrifice, although some don’t think of it in that way.

The Lord says that when we sacrifice for His name sake He honors that and I think, I know, He does. We come before Him and offer our time, our heart, our finances with the dream that others will benefit from our sacrifice.

The time invested in doing His work is well worth it. The money we invest to bring about the completed work is worth it. Now the time has come when we see the end product.

I received my complimentary copies yesterday. Rereading the entire book to make sure there are no mistakes, the thank you free books have been mailed to my people who wrote endorsements, and its time to get down to the business of ordering and paying for my copies.

Holding the book in my hand and gazing at the cover humbles me. I’m looking at a painting I did years ago of Jesus with His arms stretched wide welcoming all those who will come to Him. I can’t help but gaze in amazement that He would use that painting with the large I AM title across the front. What a blessing to see how He used my painting as His way of welcoming all to read about Him through these short stories, and to proclaim to the world, “I am the I AM.”

Tears of gratitude are blurring my eyes. I AM – Devotional Style Short Stories will be being released sometime in the next month.

If you would like to pre-order a copy from me (USA ONLY) e-mail me: An autographed copy will be $16.00 + $4.00 S. & H.



Thank you for your support. – more to come.

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