Let’s Get This Show on the Road!

Have you heard that expression before? Its the sound of impatience. We all have experienced it whether we’re waiting for God to answer a prayer, or for some event that has has been delayed, or we’re waiting for answers from a publisher.

In my case, right now, I’m ready to get my show on the road, so to speak. I want to announce a release date for my new book, I AM – Devotional Style Short Stories, and yet I don’t have a date.

Why so impatient, Cass?

I have decided to check into doing some book signings. I haven’t done any in a while and it might be fun to do again, so today I spent the afternoon going through the Yellow Pages looking for book stores within a reasonable distance from me. I won’t travel across the state to do a book signing. Its just too expensive with the cost of a hotel room, gas, time, and travel to maybe sell one or two books if any at all.

You see, there is no guarantee that when we line up an event that we sell any of our books. We may sell a few, none at all, or several. It depends on the time, location, and type of book we have, as well as the type of business we are going to.

What I mean by that, are we trying to sell our Christian book in a park filled with atheists?  Is it a coffee shop with the aroma of coffee and donuts or a Pizza parlor? A Bar and grill filled with raucous hulliguns?

Some gift shops work well if they have a book selection. Some craft shows might allow it, but many won’t since a book is not considered an “art” or a “craft.” (I’d like to see them write one!) It really depends on the type of business that the event is held at.

I prefer book stores for a couple of reasons. People come to buy books! That’s why they come. The other reason is, the book store usually handles the sale and I don’t have to carry a bunch of money to make change.

Another reason is because the book store takes credit cards and I’m not set up to do that. I tried that for a short time and was totally misled as to the costs involved in doing so. I loose sales because of it, so I try to stay with book stores or businesses that will take the money and write me a check at the end of my event.

I have my list of book stores ready to call and/or drop by to see if they do book signing events. I can’t make those calls until I can give them a date as to when my book will be released to the public. Plus I haven’t received my purchased books yet. To do a book signing we take our own books. Yes, the ones you have to buy.

So I’m ready to get this show on the road and with the Lord’s help I will grit my teeth, continue to write, crochet, play in the dirt, or do whatever it is that interests me for the day until I get the answers and merchandise I’m waiting for.

Then my “show” will start.

Stay tuned…to be continued.







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