Speaking of Book Stores

In the last post I said I prefer book stores because people come for the sole purpose of buying books and that I don’t have to carry a lot of cash to make change and they take credit cards whereas I’m not set up to do that.

I also mentioned I want to make phone calls to the book stores I’ve listed or go by and visit them. That is very important and I have a warning for you. I would suggest that if you are going to do your book signing event in any business that you visit that business before hand.

Check it out without telling the cashier or manager that you want to do an event in their place of business. Get the feel of the business, talk to the employees a little, and ask the Lord for His discernment and if this is a place you should do an event?


Let me tell you of an experience I had. I had a manager of a book store call me wanting me to do an event with them. Stupidly, I agreed without hesitation. We set a date and then a week or two before the event I asked a friend to go with me. “I just want to see where this place is at” I told her. So we went.

The book store was about 50 miles away, lots of traffic, crowded little shops all around the book store. It was actually hard to find, but we managed. We were warmly greeted, the only customers, and without saying who I was we “nosed around.”

Finally, I looked at my friend and whispered, “This place has not one single Christian book in it.” “I noticed that.” was my friends reply. I was not getting a good feeling and I think the discernment was kicking in loud and clear, “Get out of here!”

In having a little chat with the sales woman, we were right. “We don’t carry Christian books. But Joel Olsteen is coming this Saturday and we’re sooo excited!” That did it! My friend and I looked at each other, thanked the woman, and left.

Regardless of what you think of this preacher, he is not a favorite of mine by any stretch of the imagination. And you might think, “what a wonderful way to witness by selling a Christian book in a book store that carry’s none.”

Well, apparently the Lord didn’t think so because I asked, out loud, while sitting in the car, “Lord, is this where I should do a book signing?” My friend and I both received a resounding “NO, NO, NO!”

I called and cancelled the signing event.

Check out where you will be serving the Lord through your book signing events and ask the Lord for His opinion.

Stick around – I’ll return if you will. 🙂







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