“You wrote my Story”

Writing Grace Defined was quite an experience. The story begins during World War 2 so a little research had to be done. I could draw on some of the stories my parents told about that time in history. I could mention there were ration stamps because I have some in my scrapbook. (I was born during the depression) I knew about the factories because my Dad worked in one back then.

The story began to flow as the words filled my mind. I also knew what it felt like to have some atheist views, although I never claimed to be an atheist, I am familiar with that disbelief, as I am now familiar with the Christians beliefs since I am one.

I am also familiar with an unbelieving, manipulative, controlling, Dad. So this story, an atheist father and a Christian mother,(although my mother was not a Christian) with four screwed up kids was hitting home with me as the words flowed out onto the computer screen. I can definitely relate to those who feel, “You wrote my story.”

This is another story that the Lord has used to send a very clear message to both believers and non-believers. It is also a story of how each of us has a purpose whether we believe it or not. He knew us before we ever entered our mother’s womb and our destiny was set then.

As I was writing this story it was as though the Lord was also reminding me of His grace. This isn’t one of those preachy types of stories filled with scriptures telling us what grace is. He has used real true-to life family circumstances to tell us and show us.

We hear preachers say, “This sermon is as much for me as it is for you.” That’s what Grace Defined was to me as I was writing it. And in designing the cover I wanted to have something representing God’s Grace being poured out. I think I succeeded.

Don’t go away – I’ll be back.







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