I see school buses being gassed up, school signs advertising a new school year, and the stores are filled with back packs, pencils, rulers, and all the supplies kids need for a new school year.

Its been too many years for me to recall having to load up on all of that stuff. Back then it was supplied by the school, or I think it was.

I recall my Mom sewing us a new dress to start the year using the chicken feed sacks that we would buy chicken feed in at the feed store.

“Oh yuck!” I can hear this younger generation exclaim if they heard that. They have it way too easy these days, as far as I’m concerned, but what am I getting at?

Parents are spending a fortune on clothing and supplies right now and I doubt very much that there will be extra money for buying books for pleasure reading. Their trips to the book stores will not be for novels I’m afraid so I’m holding off calling all those book stores to try to line up book signing events.

Timing is necessary if we are to have a successful event. I found that if there’s a large craft show going on, that isn’t a good time for a book signing, although one would think it would be with hundreds of people milling around. Books are not why they are there. A book fair is a totally different thing!

Some of the holidays are great for events and yet others are not. When Christmas is being advertised can be a good time. I like to put a sign up, “40 days until Christmas” or “26 days until Christmas.” Something that draws the customers attention about our book being a perfect gift.

So for now, I’ll wait until some of the school supply bills are paid down and Mom can step back, take a deep breath, and get back on track. Timing makes the difference.

Til we meet again. (That sounds like Carol Burnett. 🙂 )







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