When in Doubt, Ask.

There are books that guide in how to lose weight. There are books that will take us to foreign lands and let us live our vacation dreams as we turn the pages into vast areas of the world. There are children’s books that open the imagination of children’s little developing minds and text books that grow those early lessons into more mature thinking.

I AM is none of those. One day I sat down and a little story started forming in my mind. I wasn’t sure what it was about or why it seemed the Lord wanted me to write it down, but I did.

Then later, the same thing would happen. A short story would start forming and I’d write it down. Over a period of time more of those little stories would form and gradually I had several short stories that were planted in my mind seemingly for no reason.

Then one day the Lord said to put a few of them on my blog and so I did. Some enjoyed them and that was nice, but then the Lord wanted them in book form, and more stories were birthed.

Some of the stories I would question, others I would laugh out loud, “Really Lord?” Others made me think about what was being uncovered and the stories kept coming.

Mental impressions and thoughts can come from our soul, Jesus, through His Holy Spirit, or the devil. So many times we are led to believe, by the enemy, that what we are hearing or sensing in our spirit, is coming from our souls. Had I fallen for the devil’s deception I AM would not be a published book right now.

Be careful to listen to the Lord. If there is doubt, there is absolutely nothing wrong, or sinful, to ask the Lord to give you a confirmation. Too many times we don’t hear from the Lord because we don’t ask. “Come unto Me and I will come unto you.”

Don’t let your stories or testimonies go by the wayside because of not knowing from where they came. Ask and you shall receive.

I’ll see you next time – I hope.







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