Ain’t Going to Happen!

Awwww, they are so cute! That is an exclamation I make every time I see little spotted fawns show up in my yard with their beautiful Mom to eat the corn I put out for the deer each evening. I got the whole family this time. Mom, Dad, and babies.

I also have a rabbit that will hop across the yard, squirrels that aggravate me when they empty the bird feeder, a wide variety of birds, and a chipmunk that I named “Charlie.”

Of course I name them all and take dozens of pictures to share with others. I just can’t help it, I have to share the picture of Mom and the twin fawns again.

I have had several people tell me I need to write a children’s book using the many pictures of the deer or pictures of “Charlie.”

Due to the years of childhood abuse I don’t know how to be a kid, that was stolen from me, so to even think about writing a children’s book is unfathomable to me but…

I decided to look at a few children’s books at the local Dollar General store and then I began doing a little research on how to write one and was aghast!

I thought I could choose some pictures I’d taken, write a few short lines under each one and make a picture book for kids.

Not that easy!

The first thing I found was the cost of having a children’s book published. From what I read, $10,000 was the lowest publishing fee. That’s for a small illustrated 6-10 page book!

As I read further, a professional illustrator has to be hired. That costs anywhere from $25.00 per illustration to, into the thousands per illustration. In other words I would be forking out a whooping $10,000 to $35,000, or more, for a small color illustrated kids book of a mere 6-10 pages.

For those who write them, more power to you and God bless you. Kids need books but as for me………

It ain’t going to happen!

Stay tuned, I have more mind blowers.


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