Wanna Be a New York Times Best Seller?

Yep, I got curious again and started wondering how do so many “unknown” authors get on the New York Times Best Seller list.

I know Dr. Phil, John Gresham, Mary Higgins Clark and other well known authors are on the New York Times Best Seller lists. They sell a whole lot of books and rightly deserve to be on that elite list, (or do they?) but what about the rest of us? What about so many that we have never heard of?

I started doing some research and found a very interesting article about all of this. Just being curious and not really planning to write about it I neglected to write down where I found it or the address in order to go back to it.

I apologize for that because now I want to quote some of what was stated and I have hunted and hunted to no avail, so what I’m going to shock you with is from memory. This blew me away and is very hard to forget!

For those of us “unknowns,” how can we get our book on the New York Times Best Seller list or on Amazon’s Best Seller list? I was shocked, but on the other hand I shouldn’t have been.

Answer – We buy our books!

Yep, the rich, and you have to be rich to do this, get a book published and turn around and purchase at least 5,000 of their own books! The article stated that to get on either of these lists, NYT or Amazon, a minimum of 5,000 books must be purchased in the first week after release.

Do you realize how much that costs? If I want my book, The Narrow Road on the NYT best seller I can purchase my own book, 5000 of them, at $23.95 and pay $119,750.00 to suddenly appear as a NYT or Amazon best selling author.

Or how about my latest? I AM – Devotional Style Short Stories? It sells for $16.49. I would only have to pay $82,450.00 for that elite title. “New York Times best seller” proudly displayed in all ads and on the cover. Wow, I’m suddenly famous.

Needless to say that knowledge was a real hope eradicator! I’m neither rich nor have any of my books sold anywhere near five thousand!

Do I give up? Nope! Being God’s kid is more important to me than being a NYT best selling author.

Stay tuned – I will if you will







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