A Little Boost

The last post may have sounded like me having a pity party but I think there’s more to it than just going down the, “oh poor me” trail.

Yes, as a writer we are going to hit walls, so to speak, in our writing experiences. Not everyone is going to want to read our book or have the same interests that we do.

In my discouraged state I tried to come up with reasons why I felt so discouraged and I think I have come up with maybe two very possible ones.

We all know that when we are doing the Lord’s work, or making some kind of Godly impact on others, that the enemy, Satan, will try to destroy, interfere, or influence the results of our work. He will try everything to get us to quit and turn away. Discouragement is one of those ways.

The other reason I think is today’s society. It seems every article I read anymore is about the persecution of Christians, how so many are turning away from God and all that He is. Even many in the pulpit are distorting God’s word, if they even believe God’s word. People are poo-pooing Christianity at an alarming rate.

Our society has taken a turn away from what God has called us to be, has called us to do, and particularly, to believe in Him and His Son, Jesus Christ.

Hence we have our Christian genre books out there and they are gathering dust on the book shelves of the book stores, That is, if they are even put on those book shelves of book stores anymore.

God gave us each a gift, or a talent, do we also put it on the back shelf because of a society that has turned away? Its easy to get discouraged about what is happening in our world but we are to be light in this darkness and maybe our books will shed a little of that light to someone who needs to hear what we have to say. Maybe one chapter or paragraph will turn a life around.

We, I, can’t allow a sin filled society to dictate what we, or I, will or will not do or believe. The Lord has put a call on each of our lives and to hell with what society says! Our reward is in heaven not always here on earth.

Thank you all for your prayers and support through my “pity party.”

Til’ next time…







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