Good News-Bad News

“Which would you like first?” is the common question asked when the title of this post has been stated. Previously I wrote about the timing of having book signing events. “Your will, Lord, not mine” definitely comes into play and He told me 3-4 days ago to call the book stores on my list. That kind of shot my advice right out the window. 🙂 God’s timing is always better than ours!

Okay, every day events have gotten in the way of doing that, plus procrastination on my part, but this morning I sucked in a breath, picked up the phone, and started calling.

One phone number for a book store has been disconnected, which means they no longer are in business. I ran into this many times when I went the route of calling book stores a few years ago. So I’m not surprised but a little disappointed because they were located close by.

Two of the big well known book stores must be contacted by phone and/or e-mail to their corporate offices. That tells me I need to be a well known author! You know, one of those New York Time’s best sellers.

Others do not do book signing events. And sadly I learned that Lifeway Christian Book Store is going out of business and closing all of their stores Nov. 1st and won’t be doing any more book signing events.

But the good news is, I have a very real potential for lining up an event. They’ve expanded their store and are looking for local authors! Yay! I’m waiting to hear back.

I still have a few more stores to call but I’m wiggling in my seat in anticipation of hearing from the one “good news.”

“Your will be done, Lord.”

Stay tuned, I do have more good news. 🙂


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