More Good News

I mentioned a few posts back that the Lord moved me to a different church. I’ve been worshiping at this one now for about 3-4 Sundays.

In speaking with the Pastor to learn a little about the church that first visit, I mentioned that I’m a writer which led to giving him Laying Down my Net and Seek My Face books.

Since then he has mentioned from the pulpit that, “Sue writes books.” I thought that was pretty nice. Free advertising. 🙂

Last Sunday he stopped by and we chatted a few minutes before the service started and he said, “Bring your new book next Sunday and I’ll let you tell the congregation a little about it and if anyone is interested to see you after the service.”

Wow! I was totally surprised and grateful. He has expressed that this church is very strong in missions, outreach, and acknowledging and encouraging the people’s gifts and talents. In fact, the month of July was “testimony month.” Each service was personal testimonies and praise and worship. He didn’t preach. Which I think is pretty awesome! He isn’t a “pulpit hog.” He strongly believes, as I do, that people’s testimonies are powerful.

So my bag is packed with books, book marks, business cards, and a change bag filled with bills ready for sales. I’m excited and grateful for the opportunity this God fearing Pastor is giving me.

Pray it will be successful and…..

I’ll see you Monday.


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