Perky Was Not on the Menu.

The enemy lost again! For three days I have been lain up sick and depressed. I ate something that tore me inside out and upside down and from reading all the evils on Facebook, news articles, and the liberal media, I fell into a slight depression. Perky was not on the menu.

Saturday night I got in my whirly (jet tub) and cried out to the Lord. He informed me that it was the watching and reading that was pulling me down and led me to reread the story in I AM that I wrote called, “Sweet Aroma.”

In that story He tells the young child, “Listen with your heart…close out the sounds of anger, hate, and dissension.”

In other words, refocus! “Look to Me, not what the world is spewing.” That was pretty insightful, I think. 🙂 So I did. I turned the T.V. off, got off Facebook, and quit reading some of the “bad news” blogs. Sorry. But some are nothing but bad news!

I woke early Sunday morning and looked forward to church and was really blessed by a powerful message, and after telling the congregation a little about my ministry and my newly released book, I walked out of church feeling revived, loved, and even sold some books!

God is good.

Stay tuned – I’ll be back. (Isn’t that what Arnold what’s his name that I can’t spell said?)


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