Suckered Again?

There are a few facts that new authors may not be aware of when trying to sell our books. Some are good and some are not so good. We are at others mercy, and sometimes that’s good, and sometimes that’s not so good.

We’ve worked hard, found a publisher, paid our hard earned money, went through the production process, and now we have our masterpiece in our hand. We’re thrilled! We’re proud and excited, and when that first sale comes, we’re elated and inspired.

I was told by a book store to send them a copy of my book for their scrutiny before allowing me to do a book signing event. This can be pretty common and I can understand that they want to see the product before allowing someone to sit and sell something they may not approve of. But, I don’t normally do that.

Why? Thanks for asking.

Because in my experience they have received free merchandise to sell at 100% pure profit at my expense and as of this writing not one of those book stores have ever replied back as to a signing event. And no, I don’t write trashy books!

Book stores get many, many requests for book signing events from all sorts of authors. If each author happily hands them a free book with expectations of a signing event – well, you do the math.

I made the mistake of driving over fifty miles to personally speak with a store manager, whom I had e-mailed a couple of weeks previously, and to leave a copy of my book as per their requirements for book signing events at their store. The manager was “not available” so I left a copy and then e-mailed the manager thanking her for her kind consideration. I never received a response to either e-mails nor a phone call. I find this more than mere coincidence when books, profits, etc. are involved.

We are at the mercy of others in this business and the literary field is a cut throat business! Just google publishers, etc. and you’ll see what I mean.

Did I get suckered? You be the judge.

Have a great week-end and stay safe.


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