Adding Pictures

Those of you that have bought books from me are aware that I place a book mark and business card inside the book. The book marks I designed and took to Office Max to have made up. The business cards I also have printed but a different company.

When designing either, I have to decide if I want color or just black and white and take into consider not only the cost, but the aesthetic appearance. Will it be more effective if it is in color?

Black and white is always much cheaper, be it a photo or a book mark or business card. And this is true with books. When I wrote I AM – Devotional Style Short Stories and put a few of the stories on the blog it was easy to add a picture and didn’t cost anything, plus I think it added something to the story. For example, “The Wheel.” Having a stage coach with horses, etc. added to the story right off the bat.

To do that in a book is quite a different story! There are parameters that the publishers put in place. Is it black and white? Is it color, and if it is color, it must meet a certain standard. The cost goes up significantly for color.

If it is black and white, how distinct are the shades, faces, etc, and it better not be the slightest bit blurred. Be it color or black and white, the publisher also states where it must be positioned on the page and the size of the photo.

At times I would have really liked to have added a picture to my story but the cost and having an original picture, not someone else’s with copy rights, just wasn’t feasible.

If you’re writing a book these are some of the things you might want to take into consideration. Writing to have it published by professionals is much different than writing a blog. We can pretty much do what we want with a blog but that certainly does not apply with publishing a book.

The painting on the front of I AM is a painting I did several years ago and I had to submit several pictures of that painting in order for the designer to be able to see if it was acceptable for a cover; dimensions, clarity, colors, size, etc.

I wasn’t sure if my painting was conducive to a book cover and was totally surprised when I saw the cover for the first time. By using my painting, and it being in color, didn’t cost me extra but had I added pictures within the book it may have. It depends on the publisher you’re using and the number of pictures you want to include.

Can you guess which book cover is my favorite?

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