Write From Your Heart

Walk in any book store or into a library and the shelves are filled with books that range from cartoons to astrology and everything in between.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to write a book filled with graphs, or a book that is text for growing students, or even a small picture book for children.

We each have a message we want to share with the world. What really saddens me is to have an author that writes Christian books turn to writing worldly books. “That’s what the public wants,” is what I hear and it breaks my heart.

We can be tempted to change our genre because of low sales of our Christian books. I can honestly say, I have not had that temptation, but many do.

Someone suggested I contact various book clubs, so once again I looked up the various book clubs within my area and began sending e-mails to them.

I told about my books, I offered a large discount for their members, as well as free shipping, should they decide on one of my books.

Then I waited.

The e-mails began coming in and every one of them said the very same thing……

“We do not accept Christian books.”

That’s amazing, and yet in today’s world, not really surprising, but it is disappointing. Is this the reason some of our Christian authors are turning to write for the secular world? A filth filled book will sell millions of copies and that entices others to change?

Write from your heart people, and as a Christian, a true follower of Jesus Christ, don’t allow yourself to be enticed by the world and what they want. Even Jesus said, He will give us what we need not always what we want.

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