Words or Pages?

When we’ve decided on a publisher, there will be questions asked and requirements that must be met. You’ll be asked right off the top, how many words does your book contain? (This will be asked before a publisher will even accept your manuscript) If typing on Word Document that information is given all along as you type. The others I don’t know about because I don’t use them.

Another question will be the genre. Is your book fiction, non-fiction, Christian, romance, mystery, Humor, etc. and what age group will be your target? (Child, teen, adult, etc) You’ll also be given a chart with various book dimensions to choose from.

A chart will be given as to the style of font you want to use and what that particular publisher will accept. Most desire Times New Roman but will accept a few other style fonts. And all publishers I have used want a size 12 font. If you’re wanting a larger font for your book then you’ll need to clear that with the publisher. (In case some are not aware of what a font is, it is the style and size of the letters and numbers you type.)

The various publishers that I have used are about the same in their questionnaires and requirements for producing your book. But some may have different requirements so that’s something to consider.

All of the above plays into the publishers upfront fees and will also determine how your final book sales price will be determined.

The two main factors in book pricing will be how many words and how many pages the book will have when completed.

The main factor is the number of pages. That number is not just the numbered pages; 1-2-3-4-, etc. It also includes those pages marked v -vii-xi, etc. plus any “filler” pages. (blank pages)

I AM – Devotional Style Short Stories has 233 of the 1,2,3,4, kind of pages yet with the v-vii-xi, etc. pages the total pages comes to over 240 pages and that is what the sales price is based on. Each publisher will have their own pricing scale. But most stay in a standard range.

Beware that there are those publishers that will place a sales price on a book that is far above the standard charges.

My book, Seek My Face, is an example of this. The going rate for that book, 246 pages, would have been $15.99 – $16.99 at that time and yet that particular publisher placed a $24.99 price on it. In comparison so as to show you the difference – The Narrow Road is 467 pages and priced $23.95. That’s 221 pages more than Seek My Face and a cheaper sales price!

This not only affects the public buying your book but also affects what you will pay for the books that you buy to sell yourself even with the publishers author discount.

I hope this has been helpful – see ya’ next time.







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