Other Than Books

Around 1996 I created a small publication called, “Angels by Grace.” It was a variety of testimonies, poems, drawings, prayer requests, praise reports, book list, and support groups around the area. All the submissions were by abuse survivors. It started out small and spread to various states and included jails, Doctor’s offices, churches, Counselors offices, etc.

I think I mentioned this in a past post but what I’m leading up to is that I published it myself. I didn’t have to submit it to a magazine publisher, church devotional magazine, or anything like that.

I have never written any articles for a magazine nor done any research on how exactly that is done. Oops, I take that back. Remember the little magazine that was so popular several years ago? Guideposts. I’m not sure its still in circulation or not but I did mail them a short little blip kind of thing one time and had it rejected – “We already have a story like that.”

After that I never bothered again and really have not been that interested in writing for a magazine. Now my friend Wally, at Truth of Palmyra blog writes devotionals for a church devotional magazine plus posts them on his blog. I’ve never done that either.

I think I need to do some research on how we can write for magazines, if that is of interest to anyone. And maybe Wally could add something here that could be helpful, or anyone else that has submitted articles to magazines.

How about it people – help me out here.

See ya’ next time…







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