Marketing Options

Glancing back through some of the tips and “hints” from some of my publishers I see where all talk about how to market our books. I mentioned before that I prefer doing book signings at book stores for a few different reasons.

Well, it seems the book store events have basically closed down. I also mentioned I had a list I compiled and out of the 20 or so bookstores I was able to get in touch with only one and sadly I have never heard back from them even after driving a good distance and leaving a book. (See why I don’t normally do that.)

So what are our other options for marketing our books? First of all before the book hits the public we should be talking with friends, making announcements at church, speaking up on all the social media, and getting as much viewing of our upcoming release as possible. Create a website specifically for your book and start creating a “fan club.” Paste it on every social media you can think of and try to engage people to ask questions or make comments, or join in a conversation about it.

One time I made up fliers about my book being released and stuck one on every mail box in the subdivision. I’ve had an announcement made in the Home Owners Assoc. newsletter about one being released. Another time I was given a release party with cake and a bunch of people were invited and yes, I sold books.

You probably got tired of seeing the cover of I AM but that is part of the strategy for marketing. If your book isn’t heard of or seen anywhere, how do you expect others to be interested?

Once the book has been released then take it to places where there’s an interest in what you wrote. Sports fan? How about the sports wear shops, or sports equipment shops? Did you write about vacations you took? Then maybe a travel agency will allow you to leave some with them, especially if you named a vacation spot they advertise. Or a gift shop at a vacation spot you were at.

Since mine are Christian based stories I have some in my hair dressers salon, they are Christians with mostly Christian customers. My pastor allowed me to tell about the book and sell some after the service. And I carry copies of all my books in the car for when someone asks what I do, “Oh I write books.” I sold one at the swimming pool one day because of that question. But, no, I won’t be going back to the donut shop. 🙂

Selling our books begins before the book is released to the public as well as after it has been released. So if you’re working on a manuscript start telling people about it. Start creating an interest and hopefully you’ll become a New York Times best seller.

More good stuff coming (I think)


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