God vs. god(little g)

Him/him – He/he – His/ his – God/ god

Over the past few years I have noticed more and more how publishers are using “him” in reference to God. They’ve done it with each reference to God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Maybe its been more than just a few years but I see it more and more and it’s even in some Bibles, and its time for me to sound off!

God is not god! (little g) God is above every god, He is the Almighty God that created heaven and earth and everything in it. That includes us humans. I think, I know He, not he, (little h) deserves our admiration, praise, worship and total respect in word, in action, and in writing!

It’s not only disrespecting who God is by using a small g, but confusing in reading. For example: Two men are walking along having a conversation. During the conversation He says to the friend, “go get me a cup of water.” versus he says to the friend, “go get me a cup of water.” “He” (capital H) tells us its Jesus versus “he” (small h) could be Joe Blow from down the street! “He” exalts Christ and leaves no confusion to the reader.

I don’t remember which book it was that when I got the formatted copy back from the publisher they had changed every God to god and every Him to him and every He to he and every His to his that referenced our Lord and Savior.

I hit the ceiling and immediately fired back, “I will not accept this! You have changed every God to god, and every Him to him and every He to he and every His to his. That diminishes the Deity of the Lord Jesus Christ and brings Him down to human level and I refuse to diminish His Deity!”

At first their reply was that it “fits the standard they go by and now is acceptable. “

Was I upset? Yes! “I don’t care what the “standard” is! Change it to how it was typed because I refuse to accept this!”

They did. And this was a “Christian publisher.”

With every book since then I make a note to the type setter that it is to be typed as I have it. And I list Him, He, His, God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Father, etc. Everything that refers to God, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit is to be capitalized.

We have the power to overcome what the secular world is trying to change in regards to “religion.” Especially in our writing! We do not have to accept what a publisher tries to push on us as being acceptable in the secular world if we choose the right publisher that allows us to keep what we have originally written. That’s one thing I make sure of when choosing a publisher, they are to change nothing without my approval.

Be careful what you accept from the secular world, even if they profess to be a “Christian publisher.” And if you refer to Christ or God as him or he – shame on you!

Be safe over the Labor Day week-end. See ya’ next week.







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