My Apologies

Life can get hectic, busy, turn you on your head and upside down sometimes. We hang onto the Lord and He brings us through. That’s about how the past week or so has been for me, so I apologize to you all for having left A Writers Corner blog with nothing written for these past several days.

In the meantime…

I was in Home Depot last week and stopped dead in my tracks at the edge of entering an aisle. I just stood there with mouth agape, shaking my head, and I’m sure a disgusted look on my face. Christmas decorations lined the aisle! Come on! Walmart hasn’t even put them out yet!

This also reminds me about the publishing world. You would not believe how many ads I’m getting from the publisher wanting to sell me a space in their “Christmas Gift Giving Guide,” and the “Christian Book Buyers Guide,” posters, book displays, and don’t forget, “Christmas is the biggest book selling time of the year.”

These two ads, in particular, are promising that my book, (whichever one I pay to advertise in them) will be “sent digitally to 100,000 bookstores and churches world wide.” And “5,000 churches and 5,000 bookstores here in the states.”

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? But wait. All that comes with a price, a high price I might add, and no guarantees. It makes me wonder how many of these churches and bookstores actually open the guide and look through it. Or is it just another piece of junk mail quickly tossed in the trash can next to the desk, if it even gets that far. And what about that “world wide” distribution? Hmmm

It also reminds of the similarity to hawking the London, the N.Y, book buying conventions. For a big chunk of money, they will place your book, among the other million or so books displayed at that convention, and hopefully a buyer will come along and look at it and think, “I must have that book in my store!”

I spoke with one of my publishers one time about the London Convention and asked the simple question, “How do I know you will even have my book in London after paying all this money and there’s no contract, nothing proving its in the convention?”

Are you ready?





“Because we said we would.”

Just a friendly reminder to be careful about what you sign up for and what is listed in the “come publish with us” spiels. Many will list these book guides, book selling conferences, etc. as a part of their fabulous offers to the author and they are not free, there is a price to be paid to partake in these offers. They might state they will list your book in the Buyers Guide, but that’s one time only! Anything after that you are charged a fat fee and this guide comes out once a year.

I hope I’m not knocking the skids out from under anyone who has aspirations for writing a book, magazine article, etc. Pray, let the Lord guide you, and as these things pop up, pray some more, and follow what the Lord tells you.

See ya’ next time – I hope.


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